McGraw-Hill Education | Marketing


Dr. Roberta J. Schultz Western Michigan University
Very helpful addition of career focus.  Students will benefit from the information and help in applying marketing to their own career search. Well written concise coverage of the concepts with current, relevant examples.
Van Richard Wood Virginia Commonwealth University
[social media in action]Theory and practice go hand in hand.  The authors provide the theoretical basis for the importance of social media and then with the examples and exercises create a learning environment that is right on target.
David Allen Bourff Boise State University
[social media in action] Powerful.  Most of what I hear from students is that they’d like to hear more of the ‘how’ when it comes to everything.  This is a great way to show the how aspect in a fun way.





Shirley Arlene Green Indian River State College
WOW!  Great change!  The integration of personalization from an executive perspective scattered throughout the text topics brings reality into the discussion and shows how these elements actually work in a business environment.
Guy Lochiatto Massachusetts Bay Community College
[Integration] Ethics and globalization and social media impact all aspects of marketing such as pricing, place, product and promotion so it should be integrated into these marketing mixes. Also, applying and integrating  ethics, globalization and social media makes it easier for the students to understand the impact of these on consumer behavior throughout marketing and makes them less generalized.
Laurel Cook University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
[social media application] Also, I would use this text especially for the social media applications. This is where college students are today & represents HOW they get & give information. I love it in each chapter in the H-M text!





Mayukh Dass Texas Tech University
My current book cover the sections in this chapter across three chapters. I feel that this chapter [3] is much refined and more useful than the ones I currently used.
Rajiv Mehta New Jersey Institute of Technology
As I had noted in my initial review, this chapter [5] integrates information from two chapters on B2C and B2B into one concisely. Thus, it makes teaching issues related to target market consumers and industrial buyers a lot more easier given that there time constraints. What’s more, this approach enables the discussion of the elements of marketing faster.
Marilyn Liebrenz-Himes The George Washington University, School of Business
The Hunt/Mello (H-M) chapter [8] really provides a readable condensation of promotional strategies, that touch on, I feel, the critical elements of this topic.







Timothy W. Aurand, EdD Northern Illinois University
Executive perspectives are excellent.  Very current, well written.
Laura Lott Valenti Nicholls State University
This text explains all of the major areas in pricing and only in one chapter [10] (yes!).  Thank you.  There is so much value in this.
Connie Golden Lakeland Community College
This is an excellent chapter [14] to include!  I have taught this course for many years, and this has been a huge short fall in teaching the course.  It is good to see some coverage of ‘Control’.