McGraw-Hill Education | Marketing


A number of pedagogical tools help students understand how marketing will support their career, whether they choose to major in marketing or something else. From the very first chapter, “Why Marketing Matters to You,” students learn about marketing as it relates to them, whatever their career path happens to be.

The Executive Perspective features that begin every chapter connect to students’ ultimate career goals and represent the importance of marketing to students from a wide range of majors, including computer science, anthropology, applied mathematics, and economics.

Each chapter also includes a Today’s Professional feature that connects to where students want to be in the near term. In these, recent graduates discuss various areas of marketing as an avenue for employment. Both of these features demonstrate marketing’s relevance in a vivid and immediate way.

In addition, Career Tips at the end of every chapter encourage students to think about their personal brand and how to market themselves effectively to future employers.

Finally, instructors can choose to assign a personal Marketing Plan Exercise that asks students to apply principles concepts to create a marketing plan for the most important product they will ever market: themselves.